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Updating Pinkham’s Website

When Cath (Practice Manager at Pinkham Equine) came to me for help, the Pinkham WordPress website was in quite a mess. The site had not been maintained properly for a few years (despite Pinkham being in contract with a web agency)!

When I took over management of the Pinkham website, the first thing I had to undertake was a significant updating job – updating WordPress core, the Theme and Plugins (some of which were years out of date), and remove obsolete information and functionality from years gone by.

I identified a number of things that could be simplified to make the website less likely to break. For example, the website was using an extremely complicated backend set-up to take payments for invoices (using about 5 different plugins) – I replaced this with a much simplified process.

In addition, I have worked with Pinkham to update the content of the website over the last year and improve the look and feel of the information on their website.

About Pinkham Equine

Pinkham Equine are an Equine Veterinary practice based in Wiltshire & Hampshire, UK. They provide an exceptional level of veterinary service to Equine clients. Their clients range from individuals with recreational horses right through to high-end Stud Farms and international sport horses.

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Pinkham Equine - Stud Services Page

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Pinkham Equine Homepage