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When Phil came to me, he had an unattractive and dated website that simply did not reflect the premium nature of his Fat Loss, Nutrition and Coaching services.

As a Nutrition and Fat Loss Expert who has worked with a multitude of athletes, professional teams and motivated members of the public, Phil needed a much better ‘virtual storefront’ for his business.

It was immediately apparent that a complete redesign of his website was needed. I worked with Phil (and his wife Wenda) to achieve a completely different look and feel for the site, which was more consistent with Phil’s services and brand.

Phil wanted a design that was modern, clean and straight-forward – as well as visually striking and impactful. He also wanted his website to be much easier for his clients to use and understand – this was especially important given that most of Phil’s clients book and pay for his services online.

About Phil Richards

After 35 years of coaching professional athletes, team and members of the public, Phil’s mission is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date health information so that his clients can lose excess body fat safely, effectively & over the long term and optimise their health.

Phil has written 4 books on the subjects of Fat Loss, Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning, and has educated thousands of trainers in the fitness industry from all over the world. Phil’s groundbreaking course “Everything You Need To Know About FAT LOSS” is one of the most in-depth, up-to-date and comprehensive courses ever written on the subject of fat loss.

You can take a look at Phil’s full website here.

Phil’s New About Page

Phil Richards Nutrition - New Homepage

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