Dr Kamila Hortynska

Website Updates & Virtual Support

Working With Kamila

Kamila had reached a point in her business where she could no longer do everything herself. She needed help with all the day-to-day technical and admin tasks for her business, so that she could concentrate on growing her offerings and services.

Kamila needed a fast, reliable, and trustworthy person to help her keep her website updated, design and add new content and pages, and generally help her out with a range of backend technical tasks related to running her business.

In the time I have been working with Kamila, I have effectively acted as one of her ‘right hand women’ and helped her accomplish a number of things that she simply did not have the time to do herself:

  • Designing and building various new sales and landing pages for her upcoming retreats and courses.
  • Updating and adding new content (testimonials, videos, images etc) to the existing pages of her website to keep it up-to-date and help improve her message.
  • Editing and uploading videos to her YouTube channel.
  • Keeping the backend of her WordPress website up-to-date, maintained and secure.
  • Setting up a new Blog section for her on her website and posting new blog posts she had written, but did not have time to put into her website and publish herself.

Because of the nature of Kamila’s services and work, it is important that her website is warm, inviting, beautiful, and genuinely soulful. It’s also important that her clients connect with her message and feel compelled to take the next step by booking a complimentary connection call.

About Dr Kamila Hortynska

For the last 20 years Kamila has been been helping people find more joy, authenticity, purpose and meaning in their lives. As a Clinical Psychologist, CBT Therapist, Life Coach and Mindfulness Expert, Kamila offers a holistic approach to help people reconnect with the meaning of their life and bring more purpose into their days.

Kamila helps people transform their lives, break free from old patterns, upgrade their mindsets, reconnect with inner knowing and restore trust in the Universe. You can take a look at Kamila’s full website here.

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